Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No Impact Week at AU starts Oct. 6

Are You Ready for No Impact Week?
Aurora University will begin its No Impact Week on Sunday, October 6.
Are you ready?
Want to save money? Lose weight? Have more time? Live healthy and be happy? AND save the world along the way? Welcome to the No Impact Week!
Get ready for your weeklong carbon cleanse, and discover how living more sustainably can benefit you, your community, and the planet. Make sure to get your friends on board by having them register too at www.noimpactproject.org/university Step 1: If you haven't read the University No Impact Week How to Manual yet, make sure to read through it before Sunday, October 6. It's full of great ideas and resources for completing each day's challenge, starting with the Consumption Challenge on Sunday. Step 2: If you haven’t already, be sure to "Like" the No Impact Project Facebook Page; be sure too to check out AU’s Facebook Page and Twitter feeds to get event updates and to share your feedback, pictures, and comments throughout the week.
Step 3: View the No Impact Week Event schedule and local resource guide here Step 4: Fill out this brief pre-week survey. Step 5: Finally, take a moment to watch this short video of others taking on the No Impact Week to get inspired!
The Week’s Activities at a Glance:
Sunday, October 6: Consumption Day * Watch the short film "Story of Stuff” to get inspired for the week’s activities
Monday, October 7: Trash Day
* Come watch the film, No Impact Man, at 7:00 pm in the Perry Theater to learn more about the man, Colin Beavan, and his mission that began this project.
* Our week-long recycling drive begins! Watch for details.

Tuesday, October 8: Transportation Day
* Walk-, Bike-, or Carpool-to-Work Pledge: bike, walk, or carpool to work to reduce your use of fossil fuel. Show us you have fulfilled your pledge by “liking” this event on AU’s Facebook page.
Wednesday, October 9: Food Day
* Please join us to hear Ryan Klassy from the Kane County Farm Bureau speak about how this organization helps to promote local, sustainable agriculture. This talk will begin at 10:40am in UBH South.
Thursday, October 10: Energy Day
* Turn-off-the-Lights Pledge: turn off, unplug, and power down in your classrooms to promote the conservation of energy. Show us you have fulfilled your pledge by “liking” this event on AU’s Facebook page.
* What I Believe: Julie Hipp will speak at the Wackerlin Center at noon
Friday, October 11: Water Day
* Bring your reusable water bottle to the Dunham Atrium between 12-1 pm. The first 50 people to show us they have one will receive a coupon for a free coffee from The Spot.
Saturday, October 12: Give Back Day Please join the Wackerlin Center for the Morning of Service. Reply to cfa@aurora.edu to confirm your or your group’s place. We’ll be serving the community by helping several local organizations, including the Fox Valley Park District. Give back!
Thanks for joining us!
Barb Calvert
Jonathan Dean
Cody Fuerst
Julie Hipp
Kris Johnson

In partnership with
The Wackerlin Center
Waste Management
No Impact Project http://noimpactproject.org www.facebook.com/NoImpactProject https://twitter.com/#!/noimpactproject

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