Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Tips to Prevent Home Burglaries

Aurora, IL - The very warm temperatures and dry conditions expected over the next several days have prompted Aurora Police to issue prevention steps the community can take to help guard against home and vehicle burglaries.
As summer temperatures take hold, it is not unusual for police to see increased instances of residential burglaries where the entry point of the burglar is open or unlocked windows.  To reduce these types of crimes, Aurora Police remind residents to make sure windows and doors are always shut and locked every time they leave their homes. They add that the use of proper lighting, such as motion sensor lights, also go a long way in preventing burglaries.
In addition, experts recommend 3-inch screws, at minimum, are used to mount strike plates onto door frames rather than the 1 ½ inch screws that come standard with lock sets.  Since the longer screws actually anchor into the supporting frame and studs behind the door frame, doors are much more difficult to kick-in by a would-be burglar.
Police are continuing to remind motorists of the importance of hiding anything of value in vehicles such as cell phones, laptops, wallets, and other property; and to makes sure vehicle doors are locked and windows are closed.  When thieves see these items in plain view it takes them only seconds to break a window or open an unlocked door and steal the property.
Residents are also asked to immediately call 911 if they see anything suspicious in their neighborhoods.
Aurora residents should take advantage of the free online service known as “Report It” which allows them to record serial numbers and upload images of jewelry, electronics, antiques, and other valuables into a central data base that will help police locate the items if they are ever lost or stolen.  An unlimited amount of records can be stored and can also include item descriptions and scans of receipts so they can be easily identified. The records likewise come in handy when filing claims with insurance providers in the event of a loss.  Citizens interested in the service can log onto to begin building their personal property list.
The service is offered through Leads Online which is used by Aurora Police to help them track goods being sold through recycling, pawn, and similar businesses.

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