Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept 24: Blessing of the Pets

AURORA, Ill.—Pet owners are invited to bring their dogs, cats, fish, snakes and other pets to be blessed at an Aurora church Saturday.

Fourth Street United Methodist Church, 551 S. Fourth St. in Aurora, will hold an annual “Blessing of the Pets” at 3 p.m. on the church lawn.

Rev. Deborah Tinsley Taylor, pastor, will officiate. She said, “God created the animals for the benefit of humankind it says in Genesis 2:18-20a. We are all creatures of our God and King. God has entrusted their creation into our care and stewardship.“

The service will include music, prayer, scripture reading, a meditation and the blessing.

Each pet owner will be invited to bring his pet forward to the altar. Rev. Taylor will ask the owner the name of their pet, what it is, and how long the owner has cared for it. Then she will bless the pet and the owner.

The service will close with a benediction. Call (630) 897-5257 for more information.

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