Monday, May 16, 2011

Fire Safety Reminders!

Aurora Fire Department officials remind you to:

* ALWAYS check your smoke detector batteries – Change the battery twice a year when you set your clocks for daylight savings time. Some new detectors have batteries which have a multi-year life, but they should be tested twice per year.

* If you are alerted to a fire by an alarm or detector, immediately exit the building. Make sure to check the door for heat prior to opening it. If the door is hot or conditions do not allow exiting, stay as low to the floor as possible, go to the nearest window, open it, and alert the responding firefighters you need help.

* Never attempt to fight a fire prior to alerting 911. Delaying the response of the fire department could prove to be deadly.

* The safest place is in your apartment is at the window if you are unable to exit the building for any reason. The Fire Department will attempt to secure the stairway and hallway in order to facilitate your exit or they may rescue you from the window. Since heat and smoke rise, you should stay low and attempt to breathe clean air.

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