Wednesday, April 27, 2011

May: Free chemical treatment for rust stains


Residents should avoid washing their clothes between 8 a.m. and noon Monday through Thursday as the Aurora Fire Department tests fire hydrants throughout the City in May and June.

Firefighters flow test the hydrants annually to make sure they operate properly in the event of an emergency. The testing is done in the mornings during the spring months because problems can be addressed quickly by City staff and there is less demand on Aurora’s water system compared to the demands of the later summer months.

The water is safe to drink, but residents should run faucets for 30 seconds or longer if discoloration appears. The hydrant testing may produce rusty water capable of staining clothes, and residents should avoid doing their laundry during the morning testing periods.

Laundry stained by rusty water should not be dried. The Fire Department offers bottles of Liquid Poly, a chemical treatment, to remove these stains. Appointments can be made to pick up a free bottle at the following locations:

Central Station, 75 N. Broadway Ave., 630-256-4000
Station No. 3, 600 W. Indian Trail Road, 630-256-4030
Station No. 5, 730 Hill Ave., 630-256-5050
Water Treatment Plant, 1110 Aurora Ave., 630-256-3250

For more information on the hydrant flushing program, call Customer Service at 630-256-INFO or visit the City’s website at

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