Monday, January 24, 2011

Feb. 3-16: Free dental services for kids

Aurora Children’s Dental Services has organized the 10th annual “Dentist With a Heart” scheduled for February 3 -16, 2011. Thirty-four area dentists from throughout the Fox Valley will open their doors to the needy, offering free services during specific times. Over the last nine years, the free services provided to the people of the Fox Valley have totaled $1,033.786. Yes, the services are FREE.

No appointments are needed, and calls at the dentist offices will not be taken. Simply arrive at the location selected prior to the starting time listed for that office. Patients will be treated on a first come, first serve basis. Be sure to arrive early to ensure your chances of receiving treatment that day. Services are limited to patients over the age of 3 years and an adult must accompany anyone under 18. No proof of income or need is required.

Free services for the day (unless noted below) include: cleanings, x-ray, diagnostic services, fillings and extractions. Dentists will not be able to provide more involved services such as crowns, bridges, root canals and dentures due to time constraints. For additional information or contact Sue Rahn 630-892-4260 (English) or Dee Rodriguez at 630-906-9530 (Spanish).

Dates, times and locations when "Dentist With a Heart" services are available:

February 3:

1 – 4pm: Dr. Jim Garvin (101 N. Lincoln St., Batavia)

February 9:

8am – 12 noon: Dr. Elizabeth Sacrey and Dr. Scott Capper (328 Anderson Blvd., Geneva); Dr. Mark Weinhold (One E. County Line Rd, Suite A, Sandwich); Boulder Hill Dental, Dr. Amita Raval and Dr. Mark Commean (20 Boulder Hill Pass, Montgomery)

8am – 1pm: Young Dental Care, Dr. Kimberly Young and Dr. Cynthia Chen (1132 Prairie St., Aurora)

February 10:

8am – 5pm: Fairview Dental, Dr. Gary Ahasic, Dr. Larry Sexton, Dr. Brian Tonner, Dr. Michele Bruno and Dr. Don Flynn (541 Sullivan Rd., Aurora)

February 11:

7am – 12 noon: Prairie Dental, Dr. Mary Parkhurst (2424 W. Indian Trail, Aurora).

8am – 1pm: Prairie Dental, Dr. Linda Weglarz (2424 W. Indian Trail, Aurora).

8am – 12 noon, 1pm -3pm (will do extractions): Waters Dental Group, Dr. John Waters and Dr. Adam Winckler (420 E. Church St., Sandwich)

9am – 12 noon: Dr. Khaja Mohsinuddin (2460 S. Eola Rd, Aurora)

9am – 1pm: Dr. Erika Krouth (1128 Douglas Rd, Oswego)

8:30am – 12:30pm: Dr. Andrea Adam (40W320 LaFox Rd, Suite D, St. Charles)

February 14:

8am – 2pm: Bancroft Family Dental, Dr. Mark Bancroft (1940 W. Galena Blvd Suite 7, Aurora)

8:30am – 2pm: Dr. Richard Bertoglio, Dr. Jess Bertoglio and Dr. Julie Keilty (1940 W. Galena Suite 11, Aurora)

9am – 2pm: Dr. Narda Coronado (454 N. Lake St., Aurora)

9am – 12noon, 1:30pm – 5pm: Pauly Family Dental Group, Dr. James Pauly and Dr. Gina Jacobson (1940 W. Galena Blvd, Suite 10, Aurora)

February 15:

8:30am – 1pm: Celebrating Smiles, Dr. Felicia Chu (750 Fletcher Drive Suite 302, Elgin)

1am – 5pm, Periodontist services (by referral only): Dr. Frank Maggio (2000 Larkin Ave, Elgin)

February 16:

8am – 1pm: Dr. Richard Chroust (no cleanings) (1217 Oak St., North Aurora); Dr. Michael Montminy (201 N. Constitution, Aurora)

9am – 6pm (exams, cleanings, extractions): Dr. Martin Kolinski and Dr. Tricia Crosby (525 Tyler Rd, Suite E, St. Charles)

1pm – 8pm: Dr. Robert Davidson (708 N. Main St., Elburn)

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this information! I have been looking for a great and affordable dentist in aurora il for a while now... my family and I have some major dental work to get done!