Friday, September 17, 2010

Sept. 18: The future of Downer Place in downtown Aurora

Sat., Sept. 18 from 9-1.

Please join Aurora Downtown for a visioning workshop
focusing on re-inventing Downer Place and the West Branch
of the Fox River between Downer Place and Benton. Topics to be
...discussed include streetscape, landscape, identity and marketing,
the upper Riverwalk and more.

Come give us your thoughts!

For more information or to RSVP, please call
Dan Hites at (630) 624-7369.

Saturday, September 18
9 am to 1 pm
8 Galena Blvd.
Aurora, IL 60505

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    Please pick the discussion that most interests you and sit at that table.

    A. Pedestrian and Bike Experience : Safety, Sidewalks, Curbs, Street Lighting, Bump-outs, Bike Lanes, Related Signage

    Objectives and Goals: Identify pedestrian problems and areas of discomfort for each block and brainstorm solutions.

    B. Citywide Connectivity, Destinations and 2-way Traffic: Traffic, Parking, Directional Signage, Bike Access, 2-way Traffic on Benton and Downer

    Objectives and Goals: Look at how people can flow into and out of Downer and how it can be accessed from other major areas. Look at what is needed in signage, for smooth movement and parking of bikes, pedestrians and cars. Also analyze all implications of changing to 2-way traffic on Downer Place and Benton Street.

    C. Downer Place Identity and Character: Marketing of Downer Place

    Objectives and Goals: To recommend a marketing direction that can be built on as Downer Place is developed.

    D. Plantings, Landscaping and River Integration

    Objectives and Goals: Identify areas and brainstorm ideas for additional streetscape landscaping and how to visually and physically connect to the 2 river crossings.

    E. Architectural Improvements: Building Signage, Building Usage, Architectural
    improvements, Art

    Objectives and Goals: Analyze opportunities for enhancing the architectural character and street level facade details of the downtown. Seek opportunities to integrate art both on facades and at edges of buildings.

    F. West Branch Riverside Focus Group:

    Objectives and Goals: Brainstorm new ideas and create a preliminary concept plan for river-walk path around the south area of the West Branch of the Fox River.